We at Integra Opus Group believe in bringing imagination to reality. Encompassing our vision into strategy, Integra Opus Group provides services that bind technology into the use of common daily livings. Thriving solutions that are efficient in terms of planning, development, implementation and optimization, Integra Opus is the optimum resource which magnifies the precision of a project in its true meaning.

Why Integra Opus Group?

Encompassing its vision into the emblem of perfect client experience, Integra Opus Group brings a great deal on the table so that the only option for turnkey state of the art technology solutions resides with Integra Opus Group.

  • A wide variety of video surveillance products spanning across the consumer hierarchy

  • Whether it be a home user securing a house or an industrial unit, Integra Opus Video Surveillance offers the best in the market with video analytics and motion detection.

  • Integra Opus video surveillance products offer security like no other with quick response on intrusion detection.

  • With satisfied clients and multitude of testimonials, reliability and trust gets defined in Integra Opus Group core values.

  • Fostering latest developments in technology market by transferring it successfully to local markets.

  • Trusted by more than twenty  International partners to help integrate a turnkey solution for small, medium and large enterprises.

  • Member of Chamber of Commerce.

  • Member of Pakistan Engineering Council.

  • Introducing Parking Management System fully integrated for the first time in Pakistan.

  • Eliminating extra cost for associated hardware of video conferencing and provision of high definition analytics in video conferencing.

  • 24/7 support for clients adding up to the client’s trust.

  • Visit Integra Opus Clients to experience the satisfaction like never before.

  • Adding 2 to 3 products in the product range every upcoming month.

  • Trusted by Ministry of Law, Human Rights and Justice for its Management Information System.

  • Trusted by Real Estate tycoons for their inter-office connectivity with web integration.

  • Easy to use plug and play integration.

Integra Opus Group System Integration

As system integrator, Integra Opus Group multiplexes numerous functions into a single centrally control data center to improve performance and efficiency. Our parking system is engineered on such protocols; it can definitely help improve on road and off road efficiencies with decreased congestion rate. Making long distances short, Integra Opus Group also provides video conferencing solutions to fit the business needs. We have assisted numerous organizations that are separated oceans apart.

Integra Opus Group Surveillance Solutions

In this day and age where security is the primary objective for any development, Integra Opus Group is there to provide surveillance systems managed by CCTV cameras and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). Furthermore, for state of the art buildings and monumental shopping centers, Integra Opus makes available complete array of solutions ranging from basic infrastructure, CCTV cameras security systems to Automated Car Parking Management with live monitoring to meet the strategic needs of any organization.

Integra Opus Group Network Solutions

Whether it be short range communication network within a building or a long range network for communication, Integra Opus Group outlines its vision into the cost, quality and time triangle and satisfies businesses with increased productivity.

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